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DCSA Publishes Standards for the Bill of Lading

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BIC and DCSA collaborate to standardize container facility identification

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Transforming the container shipping industry

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The game is changing for container shipping. Digitalisation, regulatory complexity, cyber security, environmental impact. Customers are demanding a better experience. To stay competitive, we have to meet these challenges head on, to evolve.

No one company can move the industry forward on its own. Collaboration is the key to greater efficiency and agility to meet new demands.

Today, fragmented systems are holding us back. Without a foundation for the seamless, end-to-end exchange of information, these challenges will go unmet.

At Digital Container Shipping Association (DCSA), we’re establishing standards for a common technology foundation that enables global collaboration. Our goal is to make shipping services easy to use, flexible, efficient, reliable and environmentally friendly.

Standardisation Initiatives

DCSA sets technology standards in conjunction with our member companies. By driving wide adoption of these standards, DCSA’s goal is to increase the ability of carriers to innovate and grow at scale.

All DCSA standards are published regularly on our website and are free to use by anyone who touches the container shipping industry. For example, ports can supply a consistent set of information to carriers based on our Track & Trace data standard to simplify operations.

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