DCSA and its member carriers have published the DCSA Standard for operational vessel schedules for the global container shipping industry. These standards are designed to enable automatic sharing of vessel schedule data between carriers and operational service providers.

With these standards in place, carriers can digitally publish their schedules, and their VSA (vessel sharing agreement) partners and operational service providers can subscribe to their feed to automatically receive updates, or retrieve updates as needed. This will provide complete inter-regional vessel schedule transparency, increasing efficiency and enabling better planning and optimisation of shipping activities.

The DCSA OVS standard publication includes updates to the DCSA Industry Blueprint and Information Model with OVS schedule definitions, process maps, and terms. It also includes OVS data interface standards and associated reading guides.

Download the OVS standards publication below to see how to digitise your OVS based on a common understanding of the data and processes used in scheduling. This approach will enable consistency, simplicity, timeliness and interoperability in operational vessel schedule solutions across the industry.

Please refer to our glossary of terms for more.

OVS OpenAPI Specifications

In addition to the standards documents, DCSA has published OVS OpenAPI specifications on the SwaggerHub open source API development platform, where future enhancements will also be published.

Documentation with versioning guidance can be found on GitHub. Carriers can use the definitions to rapidly implement DCSA standard-compliant APIs for OVS. The OpenAPI specifications for Operational Vessel Schedules follow the DCSA API design principles (which will be published soon).