As adoption of the DCSA standards grows, organisations from all parts of the container shipping industry are seeking to publicly demonstrate that they have adopted one or more of the DCSA standards. To support this, we have developed our adopter programme.

For full details of the DCSA Adopter Programme, please download our handbook. It provides useful information for solution providers and other logistics participants who have adopted one or more DCSA standards, but also for other companies who work with adopters, including shippers, freight forwarders, trade associations and banks.

The adopter programme brings benefits for all

The DCSA adopter programme will allow organisations ranging from technology vendors, freight forwarders and carriers, to port and terminal operators to differentiate themselves in the marketplace by affirming their commitment to digitalisation and cross-industry collaboration.

It is also intended to streamline procurement processes for those same organisations, and the shippers that rely on them. Any party will be able to request evidence of standards adoption from potential business partners, technology vendors or service providers as a first step towards ensuring interoperability. They will then be able to efficiently narrow their search before performing their own validation of their preferred solution. Those preparing and responding to RFIs and RFPs will also be able to use our checklists as an industry-standard format of providing information.

How the adopter programme works

The adopter programme will be rolled-out gradually for all relevant DCSA standards. As it becomes available, a Self-Certification Checklist (SCC) will be added to the list of publications for each standard on the DCSA website. Where relevant, API tools will also be made available.

Simply complete the checklist to confirm you have fully-adopted the standard and submit your details below. You will then be notified whenever that standard is updated.

Reducing barriers to standards adoption

DCSA is fully committed to open standards and hopes this transparent adopter programme will encourage clarity and collaboration. Our standards and associated materials are free for everyone to use without registration with DCSA. For those companies wishing to publicly promote their adopter status, we ask that you register with DCSA so that we can notify you of standards updates relevant to you.

A list of adopter organisations registered with DCSA may be shared with our members to help them identify potential partners who have joined the adopter programme. Contact information will never be shared, even with our members.

Use of APIs is voluntary for those wishing to join the adopter programme. For those who have an API-ready standards implementation, our API tools will provide you with the added validation of interoperability.

At this time, DCSA is not performing verification of any external systems and will not authorise any third parties to perform independent assessments of compliance with our standards. This has made it possible for us to eliminate any fees for organisations wishing to join the adopter programme.

Collaborate with us

We want as many industry stakeholders as possible to join the adopter programme and to provide feedback to us on the process.

Please download the Handbook and Self-Certification Checklists on the relevant standards pages to begin and submit your details below.

The DCSA Adopter Programme

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