As adoption of the DCSA standards grows, organisations from all parts of the container shipping industry are seeking to publicly demonstrate that they have adopted one or more of the DCSA standards. To support this, we have developed our adopter programme.


The adopter programme brings benefits for all

The DCSA adopter programme will allow organisations ranging from technology vendors, freight forwarders and carriers, to port and terminal operators to differentiate themselves in the marketplace by affirming their commitment to digitalisation and cross-industry collaboration.

How the adopter programme works

The DCSA Adopter Programme allows you to self-certify your solution against the relevant DCSA standards, if you have your own solution, or urge your solution provider to self certify. The programme will be rolled-out gradually for all relevant DCSA standards and, as it becomes available, a Self-Certification Checklist (SCC) will be added to the list of publications for each standard on the DCSA website. Where relevant, API tools will also be made available.

Currently the following standards are included in the DCSA Adopter Programme:

It’s easy to get started

Step 1: Check out the relevant standard and resources by using the links listed above.

Step 2: Download the handbook to learn everything you need to know about the DCSA Adopter Programme.

Step 3: Download and complete the relevant checklists

Step 4: Fill in the form below to register your organisation as a DCSA self-certified adopter

The DCSA Adopter Programme

By submitting this form you confirm that your organisation has completed the self-certification process for the standards you select below.

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