DCSA, in conjunction with our member carriers, has published Standards for the Booking Process. The publication of booking process standards is the second step in enabling end-to-end digitalisation of container shipping documentation after the publication of DCSA eBL standards. Together, DCSA Standards for the Booking Process 1.0 and Standards for the Bill of Lading 2.0 will enable frictionless sharing of digitised shipping data, eliminating the need to rekey booking information into the eBL.

Subsequent releases of the DCSA eDocumentation initiative will include standards for arrival notice and release shipment.

Booking Process OpenAPI Specifications

In addition to the standards documents, DCSA has published API definitions for the Booking Process on Swaggerhub, an open-source API development platform. Carriers can use these definitions to rapidly implement DCSA standard-compliant APIs.Documentation for the booking process standard, including versioning guidance, can be found on GitHub.

Booking Process Publication

The DCSA Standard for the Booking Process publication includes updates to the DCSA Industry Blueprint and Information Model as well as Interface Standards for the Booking Process.