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05 Oct 2022

The multi-billion-dollar paper jam: Unlocking trade by digitalizing documentation


19 Sep 2022

Facing stormy seas, shipping industry must shore up resilience


16 Sep 2022

Why the future of global trade is digital

Ship Technology Global

14 Sep 2022

Sustainability Q&A - Digital Container Shipping Association

Port Technology

11 Aug 2022

Standardisation is the key to unlocking its full potential

Port Technology

05 Aug 2022

FMC to lean on DCSA standards for data-sharing plans: Bentzel

Eric Johnson

02 Aug 2022

Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore and Port of Rotterdam to establish world’s longest Green and Digital Corridor for efficient and sustainable shipping

Port of Rotterdam

18 Jul 2022

Don't risk it

Logistics Manager

30 Jun 2022

The Current State of Logistics

Supply & Demand Chain Executive

21 Jun 2022

Why digital standards matter in global trade

The Loadstar

15 Jun 2022

The Maritime Cyber Security Insight - An interview with Henning Schleyerbach


21 Mar 2022

Industry Leaders Endorse Biden-Harris Administration Initiative to Improve Supply Chain, Increase Data Sharing

U.S. Department of Transportation

09 Feb 2022

The Just-In-Time Port Call - Making vision a reality

Thomas Bagge (DCSA), Dr Phanthian Zuesongdham and (HPA) and Gerald Hirt (HVCC) - PTI

05 Jan 2022

Going digital - DCSA's common goal

Niels Nuyens - Voice of the independent

19 Oct 2021

MSC first to adopt container facility code standard


26 Aug 2021

Cracking the paperless trade puzzle: The future is nearer than you think


05 Aug 2021

Pandemic progresses digitalisation in box shipping

Thomas Bagge - Riviera Maritime Media

20 Jul 2021

How the electronic bill of lading became a battleground for trade digitisation

Thomas Bagge - Global Trade Review

10 May 2021

How Track-and-Trace capabilities solve food logistics challenges

Thomas Bagge - Food Logistics

20 Apr 2021

DCSA's standards enabling interoperability for MPA's eBL and digitalisation collaboration initiatives

Thomas Bagge - MPA of Singapore

24 Mar 2021

Getting smart to smart containers

Thomas Bagge - Marine Trader

22 Sep 2020

Building a new path to standardisation

Thomas Bagge - Edition 100 by Port Technology

13 Jul 2020

"Risk assessment is not a one-time exercise"

Rachael Bardoe - Hansa International Maritime Journal

02 Mar 2020

All hands on deck: Preparing for a maritime cyberattack

Rachael Bardoe - Informa Connect