just in time shipping port call

JIT Port Call Data Definitions

DCSA, in conjunction with our member carriers, has published Port Call Data Definitions for the global container shipping industry. These definitions will allow carriers, ports and terminals to exchange port call event data in a uniform way, enabling digital planning and operational optimisation. By moving container shipping towards a JIT port call process, DCSA port call standards will enable container ships to optimise their steaming speed, thereby lowering fuel consumption and reducing CO2 emissions. DCSA port call data definitions align with IMO and ITPCO Just In Time (JIT) Arrival Guide standards.

This is the first publication of the DCSA Just-in-Time Port Call programme. Subsequent releases will include API definitions for automating the exchange of event data. Download the JIT Port Call Data Definitions publication below to take the first step in establishing a digital, global, transparent, just-in-time port call ecosystem.

Upcoming webinars

Marcel van de Pol, Program Director, will provide an overview of why we developed the Just-In-Time Port Call standards, what we published and how to collaborate with DCSA.

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