Load List and Bay Plan Definitions

DCSA, in conjunction with our member carriers, has published Load List and Bay Plan Definitions for the container shipping industryThis release puts forth standards and timelines for communication of container load volumes and stowage details between VSA (vessel sharing agreement) partners, terminals and ports  

In agreement with DCSA’s nine member carriers, the definitions combine existing event standards with recommended submission timelines developed by DCSA. In setting the definitions, DCSA consulted four of the world’s largest terminal operators.

Adoption of the standards will help maximise efficiency of cargo operations and enable better planning of related shipping activities. This is the first in a series of standards releases from DCSA that specifically address cargo operations. Subsequent standards will expand to topics such as empty handling and dangerous goods.  

Download the Load List and Bay Plan Definitions below to see recommended standards for digital communication of cargo information that will enable more efficient and predictable port calls.