About us

“At DCSA, we envisage a digitally interconnected container shipping industry in which customers have a choice of seamless, easy-to-use services that provide the flexibility to meet their business and sustainability goals."

Digital Container Shipping Association (DCSA) is a nonprofit, independent organisation established in 2019 by several of the largest container shipping companies. DCSA’s mission is to be the de facto standards body for the industry, setting the technological foundation for interoperable IT solutions. Together with our member carriers, DCSA creates vendor-neutral, technology-agnostic, standards for IT and non-competitive business practices. By working towards the widespread adoption of these standards, our aim is to move the industry forward in terms of customer experience, efficiency, collaboration, innovation and respect for the environment.

The FIT Alliance

Uniting behind the mission to standardise the digitalisation of international trade, DCSA BIMCO, FIATA ICC and SWIFT have formed the FIT Alliance. The FIT Alliance will work to generate awareness about the importance of common and interoperable data standards and common legislative conditions across international jurisdictions and platforms. The aim is to facilitate acceptance and adoption of an eBL by regulators, banks and insurers and to unify communication between these organisations and customers, physical and contractual carriers, and all other stakeholders involved in an international trade transaction.

Collaborating to transform the container shipping industry

Collaboration to improve data flow in container shipping for good cargo flow, customer experience and sustainability is the joint vision of DCSA and its members. Developing and adopting digital standards for non-competitive IT practices is core to our work. Watch the video to get an idea about how excited and committed DCSA and subject matter experts from ocean carriers are to work on standards for some of the most urgent and impactful needs in the industry.