DCSA releases Track & Trace Standard version 3.0 beta

The release supports enhanced visibility for multiple modes of transport and cargo types.

AMSTERDAM, March 30, 2023 – Today, DCSA released version 3.0 beta of its Track & Track (T&T) Standard, as well as beta versions of API definitions for reefer and internet of things (IoT) events. Together, these releases support enhanced visibility into track and trace events for multiple modes of transport and cargo types.

Key features include:

  • Support for additional document types, including customs and authority certificates
  • Essential events for trans-shipment and availability for pick-up and drop-off
  • Additional fields for data reporting from other modes of transport, such as chassis number, rail service and barge details
  • A push model for API subscription, including identity of event source

Providing standardised event and data definitions and common communication protocols, DCSA T&T standards enable continuous access to timely, accurate and actionable shipping information for organisations that have adopted them. Widespread adoption of DCSA T&T standards will allow cargo owners and service providers to optimise supply chain operations for themselves and their customers by enabling more effective, data-driven decision making.


Open for feedback

DCSA Standards for T&T 3.0 beta and API definitions, including reefer and IoT events, are now open to public review and feedback for a six-month period.

Interested parties can download and provide feedback at Once the review period is ended, DCSA will revise the standards based on input and publish the official release of DCSA Standards for T&T 3.0 and API definitions, including reefer and IoT events, within a three-month timeframe. API definitions can be downloaded from SwaggerHub and the reference implementation is available on GitHub.