DCSA launches Ideas Hub to invite input from industry stakeholders

Online forum enables all stakeholders to suggest and vote on ideas for DCSA roadmap.

Amsterdam, November 11,2021 – DCSA today launched its online Ideas Hub, a public forum that gives people with an interest in container shipping the opportunity to suggest and vote for topics they would like DCSA to work on. Collaboration is critical in driving digital transformation and improving customer experience in an industry, as seen in other digitally advanced industries such as banking, telecommunications, and airlines. By inviting active participation from industry stakeholders through the Ideas Hub, DCSA and its carrier members aim to gain valuable insight into market needs that will help shape the DCSA roadmap.

Any visitor to the DCSA website can view all the ideas, associated vote counts and comments in the Ideas Hub, as well as the status of the ideas (e.g., on the roadmap, in development, etc.). Ideas are categorised by themes and relevance to particular stakeholder groups such as BCO / shippers or container shipping lines. To suggest, vote for or comment on an idea, users must complete a short, free registration form on the site.

All ideas submitted to the Hub are moderated by DCSA staff to ensure content is appropriate. More details about the Ideas Hub can be found in our FAQs.