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General FAQs

1. How can our organisation become a member of DCSA?
At this time the DCSA membership is open only to ocean carriers. Members develop standards jointly with DCSA, which means they have financial, time and expertise commitments to continually and actively support DCSA initiatives. Due to the level of resource commitment required, our members tend to include large ocean carriers.

But you don’t need to be a DCSA member to collaborate with us, from making use of DCSA standards for free to giving us feedback to help us improve our work. Our goal is to produce standards beneficial to the whole container shipping industry, and as such, we value your input and encourage you to adopt DCSA standards.

To that end, we are setting up reference user groups to enable systematic engagement with different industry stakeholders. If you are interested in joining, please fill out a contact form on our website and give us a brief description of what you think we can collaborate on.

2. What is DCSA’s roadmap over the coming year?
We are currently assessing how to best present (and publish) upcoming initiatives. So please stay tuned for now.

3. Does DCSA have plans to engage other types of standards organisations to continue language harmonisation across other modes of transport such as road or rail?
We are indeed aligning with multiple other standardisation entities. We can certainly learn and leverage our collaboration with them.

4. Does DCSA aim to have a role in the container shipping industry similar to IATA’s in the travel industry?
We are inspired by IATA and learn much from them. They have a long history, so it is very ambitious to have that as our aim. We do follow them closely and meet with them when possible.

5. How are you handling confidentiality and security as it relates to private information?
Everything DCSA publishes is open source, and therefore, public. When it comes to real data, owned by the carriers, it is the carrier’s responsibility to secure that data. DCSA does share our recommendations with members on this topic.