What we stand for

DCSA is working to shape the digital future of container shipping by enabling openness and collaboration between all industry stakeholders. We create digital standards for the industry’s most important and urgent needs (e.g.- T&T, eBL) and make them freely available for anyone to adopt. By adopting DCSA standards, carriers and ecosystem partners can achieve faster time to market, reduce technology costs, and increase innovation of new products and services. The aim is greater transparency and reliability of container shipping services, a significantly improved customer experience, and a far more digital industry.

Leadership team

Thomas Bagge

Chief Executive Officer

Container ships carry 90% of the world’s goods, and an incredibly diverse set of stakeholders touches the container shipping transaction. Since our inception, DCSA has understood the importance of cross-industry collaboration to achieve critical goals for the industry, like eBL. Every day we work to drive and formalise that collaboration into standards and agreements that will enable container shipping to digitalise on par with other modern industries.


Henning Schleyerbach

Chief Operating Officer

I’m incredibly proud of the work my team is doing to develop and drive adoption of digital standards for the container shipping industry. Enabling interoperability through standardised digitalisation isn’t just about improving efficiency or making processes more transparent, it’s about removing friction from international trade. With current levels of globalisation, this is critical for keeping the world economy moving and performing at the top of its game.

Ellen Sun

Chief Marketing Officer

Everyone at DCSA shares the vision of what the container shipping industry can achieve by digitally transforming itself. In marketing, we’re working to spread this vision throughout the industry to everyone who can help us make it a reality. We applaud the foresight and leadership of the organisations that have already joined our effort. Their enthusiasm and continued collaboration are instrumental in helping us achieve industry-wide acceptance of digital standardisation.